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Solid control equipment -Sand pump


A sand pump is a unit used most commonly in oilfield and land-moving applications. A sand pump is generally the primary means of moving solid matter from one place to another in the most efficient means possible. Sand pumps work through a process called centrifugal motion. This means a sand pump may also be classified as a centrifugal pump.

SB series Sand Pump is the ideal solids control field equipment to provide impetus for Desander 、Desilter and Jet Mixing Device. It can also be used as a auxiliary pump of the mud pump and a drilling Trip Pump at the mouth of a well. 

We considered exactly in the process of designing parameters to make the equipment to work  in  excellent  conditions. Most parts of  the Sand Pump can be exchanged , with advantages of  maintenance、less seal leakage、reliability and convenient in operating . DC company has reached the national and international advanced level in both technical properties and sealing life.