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Solid control system accessories for Russia drill site


Solid control system is an necessary cleaning unit for a complete drill platform. As a leader of solid control system manufacturer, DC Machinery shipped massive solid control system to Russia drill site. 

Now we have large accessories prepared to delivery to Russian matched with DC special model equipment. The accessories mainly have, butterfly valves, shale shaker lifting device, shaker screen, all kinds of centrifugal pumps spare parts and ect. 

DC Machinery attach importance to each orders from inquiry, counter offer to delivery. Our inspection dept has strictly test ciiterion to avoid every tiny mistake, in short, that is why DC Machinery has more and more users. 

For another, DC Machinery had already test successfully of drilling cutting waste management.  By telling us your requirement and what result you want to get, then DC could provide a solution for your drilling waste management project. For some relative project like cuttings solidification and dewatering. Warmly welcome to your deep discussion of drilling cutting waste management system。