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Solid control system equipment study and development


In recent years, domestic drilling fluid solids control equipment research and manufacturing technology level has great development, especially in the aspect of theory, such as the working principle of shale shaker, cyclone's principle of work, has reached the international advanced level, but the domestic solid control equipment in the performance, life and abroad solids control equipment has a certain gap, is the main material, processing technology, processing precision.Our company needs to accelerate research and development of dry type very fine mesh shale shaker,  crawler non shale shaker analysis equipment , marine drilling in environmentally friendly solid control equipment and suitable for a variety of conditions of the multifunctional solid control system, enrich our solid control equipment type.


A drilling fluid solids control equipment configuration method is to configure different mesh screen high frequency shale shaker for drilling fluid + desander + mud cleaner + high speed decanting centrifuge + low speed centrifuge , these 5 stage solid control mode, can effectively remove more than 3um of the drilling fluid solid phase material, drilling fluid system in solid content will maintain in 0.3% the following, but also can effectively control drilling fluid viscosity, relative density.


A well drilled into the waste drilling fluid is generally 100 ~ 300 M3.According to the formation characteristics and drilling fluid type on these waste classification management, the available drilling fluid was sufficiently recovered and utilized, can reduce the total volume of drilling fluid, reduce emissions, benefit is very obvious.