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Solid control system for Middle East


DC Solids Control manufactured a sets drilling solid control system for a Middle East clients for oilfield drilling fluid circulating system. It contains 6 shale shakers, 3 mud cleaners, 2 decanter centrifuges, 2 vacuum degasser, 16 agitators and 8 centrifugal pumps. 

Yesterday, the client from Middle East came to China to pre-test the equipment. We had already deliveried 6 sets solid control systsem for the clients who is very satisfield with our products working efficiency and best quality. 

Besides, we have already signed another new solid control system contract. I think the new solid control system will be deliveried at the end of 2014. Please pay attention to our updated in real time. 

DC Solids control can supply custmized design for solid control system with different configarations, tank size , pipeline arrange ,etc. Or you can supply design yourself and we supply equipment only to allow you design yourself .Please contact DC Solids for more information.