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Solid control system loading this morning and delivery to Russian


This morning, a set of solid control system loading and delivery to Xin Gang Rainway station port. This is the first order from a New Russian clients who focus on drilling contract.

When choosing the equipment, especially in the oil drilling industry, most of the buyer will not only consider the price. The quality and performance would be preferred. This is why DC’s solids control equipment is widely accepted.

What Equipment Included in the Order


This order is mainly consisting of shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and centrifugal type vacuum degasser. Following is the detailed specification of several equipment in the order.


1. The shale shaker DCS700-3 is customized design with simple shaker deck structure, easily operation on replacing the screen panels.
2. The mud cleaner is DCQG200X2/100X12 with large treating capacity. The cyclone mixer is made of wear- resistant special polyurethane material , which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance .
3.The decanter centrifuge DCLW355-1258-VFD is widely accepted by DC’s clients and there are many site level performances that could be clients’ reference. Equipped with VFD control panel, the centrifuge unit could used for both barite recovery and ultra solids dewatering process.

DC Solid control provides the main solids control equipment like shaker, decanter centrifuge, and degasser unit with control panel. For the pump unit and the mud agitator unit, DC is also able to supply equipment together with electric control panel.