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Solids control equipment manufacturer in China


Drilling fluid solids control system mainly includes three parts: drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling mud cleaning equipment, electronic control device.


The function of Solids control equipment:

1 Eliminate the harmful solid phase, ensure continuous drilling.

2 Ensure drilling safety, prevent accidents.

3 Save energy and reduce consumption.

4 Reduce pollution.


Statistical analysis results show that in drilling process about 90% of daily maintenance cost of drilling fluid is in solids control or to related issues. Weighting drilling fluid, the cost of barite accounts for about 75% of the total material cost of drilling fluid. Therefore, select and use solids control system and equipment correctly can eliminate a large number of drilling cuttings and reduce material consumption, to achieve better economic benefits.


In recent years, the manufacturing technology level of drilling fluid solids control equipment in china get a great development. DC Machinery is a famous manufacturer of solids control equipment in China, according to the requirement of customers, DC Machinery can design and supply high quality shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, desander, desilter, mud agitator, mud mixer, centrifugal pump, tanks, etc.