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Solids control system for offshore drilling


The function of drilling fluid in drilling process is: eliminate and suspend shaft bottom rock debris, bring the rock debris to the ground and make sedimentation; cool down the drill bit and drilling tool; form the low permeability mud cake and cover wall of a well; control formation pressure; bear the weight of part of casing pipe and drilling tool; protect borehole and provide down hole information; reduce the loss of oil reservoir; avoid drilling tool corrosion, etc.


Solids control system can eliminate the harmful solid phase in drilling fluid by physical method, adjust drilling fluid performance, and store drilling fluid.

It plays an important role in adjusting drilling fluid performance and reducing drilling cost.


For the off shore drilling, solids control system is composed of drilling mud tank, five class cleaning equipment (shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, and centrifuge) and pipelines. The system also contains supply device, pumps and agitator. In addition, the system also equipped with corridors, ladders, railings and other safety protection device.