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Some details for maintain shale shaker


Inspect cover on unused hopper discharge connection for leaks. Tighten connection and/or add silicone sealant to prevent leakage.

Using a water hose to wash off accumulated process material from screen frame, interior of hopper and AWD angle adjustment components.

For enhance the service life of prestretching screen, it must ensure the rubber support part of screen is intact and no damage. Check up the operating environment of vibration isolation component and the support part of screen timely. If take place damage or over fatigue, they should be replaced timely.

Excess process material in these areas may impede angle adjustment of screen frame and can reduce screen frame vibration if the frame bottoms out on the buildup.

Check for and remove any accumulation of process material or other obstruction in feeder interior. Feeder blockage may cause excessive splashing and uneven distribution of slurry onto the screen bed.

According to the user guide supplied by manufacturer to lubricating and maintaining parts of shale shaker.

If the drilling fluid flows from the hole or broken place, the drilling cuttings will not be eliminated. Any screen which has the hole or damage must be replaced immediately.