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Some details of using drilling fluid shale shaker


When using the shale shaker, the user must notice some details of operation, for extending the service life of shale shaker and the treatment effect of drilling fluid.

The following are some details of using drilling fluid shale shaker.

The dip angle of screen case Take off

the linchpin which is on the adjustment plate, use the unilateral hand wheel to adjust the dip angle, adjust the other side to the same angle. Then, install the linchpin again, ensure the hold location of bilateral linchpin are the same.

In general, the angle of shale shaker should set up and down between 2°, so that make the tail end of liquid bath closed to the tail end of a second screen just in time. If the drilling fluid which returned from shaft bottom has a lot of solid phase, and has clay or larger flow, turn up the upward dip angle, increase the thruput of shale shaker, make the solid phase more dry. But also quicken the wear of screen. In general, when the tail end of liquid bath closed to the tail end of a second screen just in time, cuttings have already evaporated fully.

The adjustment of screen case amplitude

Change the amplitude should according to the following steps: close power supply, and do the identifying of turn off on the power supply. Take off the four shield which on the motor. Rotate the outermost balance weight of each pair of balance weights to change the exciting force which generated by motor. Loosen the lock bolt on the balance weight, for loosening the outer balance weight. The four pairs of balance weights should be placed the maximum exciting force of same percentage position. Install the shield of motor balance weight again. Connect up the power supply of motor again.

Screen blocking

If the screen is installed on the sieve, the user can use waste cloth or cloth gloves to wipe screen surface. If the screen has already taken off, user can use the pressure-air or high pressure water blow from underneath.

Sometimes saline drilling fluid lead to appear calcium deposition on the wire of screen, with the increase of thickness of calcic layer, the mesh will be blocked, so this will lead to loss of mud usually. In general use the steam to clean the depositional calcium.

Additive or chemicals which on the screen can be diluted by using acid solvent.

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