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Special Features Advantages of using vertical Cutting Dryer

DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer is a kind of separation equipment which utilizes mechanical rotary produce centrifugal force to realize. 

1.Rational Structure: Adopting 3K planetary gear differential which is built in the bedplate. The bedplate is equipped with an annual angle sump pit, allowing flexible adjustment of drainage direction. Integrated installation of equipment and controls enables easy operation.

2.Long Service Life: All cutting dryer’s spare parts that may be impacted by high-speed solid material discharged under the action of centrifugal force are protected with wear proof measures or with replaceable parts, in order to extent the service life of the parts. Critical components such as screen mesh and spiral scraper are all made of stainless steel.

3.Reliable Operation: The input shaft of differential is equipped with a torque sensor, which provides motor and differential in case of overload operation of spiral scraping.

4.Convenient Maintenance: DC cutting dryer’s viewports are provided on cone header and bedplate of enable inspection of the wear of screen mesh and spiral scraper at any time and the discharging condition.

5.Reliable Lubrication: Centralized lubrication station is used, which is equipped with auxiliary components, such as flow switch, pressure gauge is adopted to prevent damage of parts of differential and mainframe bearing due to poor lubrication.

6.Economic and Environmental Protection: By effectively recycling useful mud in drilling cuttings, subsequent treatment cost of abandoned drill cuttings is reduced, and requirements of laws and regulations on environmental protection are met.