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Special structure and characteristic of submersible slurry pumps

Submersible slurry pump is used in drilling fluid solids control system to pump the thick liquid, thick oil, oil residue, dirty fluid, mud and fluid which contains clay sand slag and corrosive fluid.

DC Submersible slurry pump is with structure of vertical single stage and single suction system overhung centrifugal pump,it is made of abrasion-resistant alloy,it canconvey medium with high concentration particle.There is no bearing and Gland Seal between impeller and pump body,so the slurry pump is maintenance-free and high temperature resistance.

The main characteristics of the submersible pump are that the pump shaft under water has enough rigidity and the length for the submersible slurry pump to insert under water is between 800mm and 1900mm, with suction pipe to be equipped if necessary . 

The drive will be finished by the vertical type motor installed on the motor pedestal , connecting with the pump through coupling . And looking from the motor , the pump is rotating clockwise.

DC Machinery manufacture it according to the international advanced solid liquid two phase flow theory and optimized principle to design the submersible slurry pump. Weclcome your inquires of it.