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Specification of DC CNQ 100x10 desilter


Working theory and structure characteristics

CNQ100×10desilter is the assemblies of drilling fluid hydrocyclone desilter and drilling fluid shale shaker. hydrocyclone use polyurethane or high-chromium iron the two material, the bottom part small shale shaker is elliptical shale shaker, the exciter is made of exciter motor drive, make the whole screen box keep overall forward elliptic vibration.

Installation and adjustment

When desilter works, there is a little drilling fluid leakage from air-bleed hole, we should prevent the air-bleed pipe is blocked.

The two ends of inlet fluid pipe and output fluid pipe is connected with flange, the two ends all can enter or out fluid.

We should open the screen box and fixed it before operation.

We should according to the performance of drilling fluid to choose the different screen mesh. In the premise of ensure screen can’t run away drilling fluid, we should choose the fine screen and make the good effect.



Noise is small, the throughput is big, the using life of the screen is long.

The distribution of the symmetrical institutions is reasonable and the working is stable.

Every imports and exports of the hydrocyclone bottom month have ball valves, we can adjust the workload of the Deserter at any time, it is easy to operate and maintain.

The ability of the separation is strong, the range of the separation particle size is big, it can remove the solid phase particles which the diameter is greater or equal than 15um.