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Structure of Shale Shakers


Shale shakers usually consist of the following main parts.
(1) Damping Rails
Damping Rails are what the drilling fluid returned from the bottom of a well flows into, which reduce the speed of the fluid and make it flows to the screens evenly and slowly.
(2) Screen Boxes (Vibration Frames)
Screen boxes are used for tightening screens, supporting vibration exciters and transmitting the sustained vibration force to the screens to achieve the purpose of screening.
(3) Screens
Screens are important parts to separate solids phase and recycle drilling fluid.The size that a shale shaker separated is mainly depend on the size of screen mesh.
(4) Vibration Exciters
Vibration Exciters are the power source of enabling the screen boxes to shake which used for producing periodic vibration force to make the screens boxes shaking sustained and periodical.
(5) Torsional Springs
Torsional Springs are used for supporting screen boxes and vibration exciters to ensure the screen boxes have enough vibration space and assist the screen boxes to fulfill the required vibration.
(6) Pedestals
Pedestals are used for supporting the above parts, easy for install and transport. 
The power transmission line of shale shakers is the power exported by the electric motor is transmitted to the vibrating shaft.This eccentric mass rotates and produces periodic centrifugal inertial force, forces the screen boxes based on the torsional springs to shake insistently and also forces the drilling fluid on the screen to shake. The solids and liquid phase which are smaller than the mesh will go back to the drilling fluid through screen holes, the solids phase that can not go through the mesh will be discharged to reach the purpose of separation the solids and liquid.