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Superior DC Drilling fluid mud tank


Mud tank is oil drilling fluid solid control system, it is mainly including FG and ZG type oil drilling mud tank, mud circulating system is according the shape of bottom tank is divided into square tank and tapered tank.


Quality materials of mud tank


The tank uses the flat conical structure or corrugated structure. The tank surface and corridor use the antiskid steel plate and bar screen. The railing of tank surface use the square steel tube to manufacture, it is the barrier free folding structure. There are water lines in the mud tank circulating tank surface. The upper ladder use the channel steel as the main body, using antiskid bar screen as the pedal, there are not insurance hook in the double side fence.


Composition of mud tank


Mud tank belongs to a kind of drilling fluid purification processing device and container. Mud tank is mainly made of tank body and mud agitator, the tank is divided into two parts by clapboard.


The characteristics


There are two sets of centrifugal pumps, desander, desilter, they are installed the fixed support. There is a small shale shaker in the bottom of the desander and deserter. The structure is compact, cover an area is small, effective desilting is good, it can decrease the mud loss, extend the service life. Mud tank adapts to clean and store mud. Usually mud tank is customized, so the parameter is not unifield.