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Supply centrifugal pump, shear pump and slurry pump


DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment in China. We can supply high quality centrifugal pump, shear pump and submersible slurry pump.


Features of DC Machinery centrifugal pump:

1 Adopt international advanced level of high wear - resistant hard alloy mechanical seal, has a long service life. And auxiliary seal use packing seal, to prevent accidents.
2 Imported bearing ensure the centrifugal pump running time is long and stable running.
3 Use thicker pump shell, passage shape is more reasonable, the turbulence is reduced to the minimum than conventional.
4 Impeller 、flow components adopt high wear resistant cast iron , guarantee the abrasion , corrosion resistance , life is improves by 50% .


Features of DC Machinery shear pump:

1 Using the unique research and development of mechanical seal technology, novel and unique design at home and abroad, the seal performance is advanced , reliable operation and long service life . 
2 Greatly improved bentonite particles hydration degree, reduces the bentonite clay need by 30%.
3 For polymer or clay rapidly hydration provide high shear force, solving polymer (or clay) in the drilling fluid that hydration is bad and prominent problems. 
4 It also reduce the mud cake and fluid loss , reduce drilling fluid shear rate , improve the gel strength , so as to achieve the advanced international level .


Features of DC Machinery submersible slurry pump:

1 The geometrical shape of flow passage component conform the flow condition of medium, reduce the eddy current and impact, thus reduce the wear and tear of the flow passage component, improve the hydraulic efficiency, and reduce the running noise and vibration.
2 Using the power step-down, to ensure the slurry is not easy to leak.
3 Flow passage component of pump uses high hard alloy, the material has the advantages of high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and long service life.