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Tank services company-Cyntech

Cyntech is a leading supplier of tank services, screw piles, and pipeline stabilization products to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies and pipeline operators. Their patented technology has positioned the company as a leader in pipeline anchor systems worldwide with a diversified customer base extending across Canada, the US, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia.

Owned and supported by North American Construction Group, Cyntech Corporation has been providing innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to the energy and petro-chemical industry since 1981. 

For NACG, the acquisition of Cyntech was a uniquely synergistic opportunity. Cyntech’s expertise in screw piling enhances their already successful Piling Division and enables them to provide a more specialized service to their piling customers. Similarly, Cyntech’s patented pipeline anchoring system will allow their Pipeline Division to provide a cost-effective alternative to their clients.

Cyntech has built a solid reputation throughout North America as an industry leader in providing innovative, comprehensive and reliable tank upgrading services. Their technical staff of professional engineers and engineering technologists has the knowledge and experience to build or repair storage tanks of all sizes.