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Technical characteristics of LW450-1000N decanting centrifuge


LW series horizontal decanting centrifuge is a spiral discharge, continuous operation sedimentation centrifuge, when it works at full speed,can achieve continuous feed, separation and discharge.

A compact structure, continuous operation, stable operation, strong adaptability, production capacity, easy maintenance, etc.

Suitable for separating solid content density is greater than the liquid content, solid content size greater than 0.005 mm, concentration in the range of 2-40% of the suspension. Suitable for paper making, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical fiber, metallurgy, mining, oil, etc.

At the same time decanting centrifuge can be used for soybean protein, corn protein, starch, fish meal, vinasse technology separation  kaolin, graphite and other fractionation

Technical characteristics 

1, drum and spiral main parts are made of titanium alloy corrosion resistance of stainless steel manufacturing.

2, screw conveyor can spray wear-resistant alloy or welding on hard alloy plate.

3, fast and convenient dismantling structure , and use a variety of new device , combination high-speed belt , enhanced bearing, etc. 

4, according to user needs can provide current protection, main bearing temperature protection, torque protection and vibration protection, spiral zero differential protection.

5, with large length to diameter ratio, high speed, heavy load, high transmission ratio, drum speed stepless variable speed.

6, simple lubrication method.

7, 24 hours of continuous operation automatically without watching personnel.