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The Advantages of Mud Cleaner

mud cleaner


After linear motion shakers and balanced elliptical motion shakers appeared, mud cleaners seem a bit of out of date. When handling drilling fluid, if the screen mesh is appropriate, linear motion shakers and balanced elliptical motion shakers can separate drilling cuttings which are bigger in size than barite. However, desilters are blocked with the non-weighted drilling cuttings wich are too big to go through the shaker screens. When those cuttings get into the desilters, the bottom flow holes are blocked, then they will get into the drilling fluid system through a variety of ways:
1. By screen holes;
2. Diffuse through the shale shaker discharge end;
3. By the cracks between the end of screens and drilling fluid tanks.(Due to the improper installation of screens)
If the blockages are not removed timely, the phenomenon of bottom flow hole blocking will easily happen. As the blocking happens frequently, the API 200 (74μm) shale shaker which is used to further handling the underflow of hydrocyclones will be overloaded since too much solids phase particles are remained. Even if using API 200 screen on the main shale shaker, the cuttings will still be remained on the API 150 screen of the mud cleaner.
Meanwhile, with the development of the technology of centrifuge and  its application in solids control, the effect of mud cleaners is weakened gradually. Still, mud cleaners and centrifuges complement each other, not repulsion. Mud cleaners are used to remove particles which are larger than barite and centrifuges are used to separating cuttings which are smaller than most of the barite. After grinding, most of the barite are smaller than 74μm (API 200 mesh), so the majority of the barite powder and polymer and other weighted materials can go through the screen and return to the drilling fluid circulation system, and high concentration solids phase particles will be removed by the screen. As solids phase particles are removed, the density of drilling fluid will decline. Meanwhile, as the harmful solids are cleaned timely, the well bore quality is promoted.
Specially, mud cleaners have the following advantages:
1. Necessary solids control equipment when dealing with weighted drilling fluid in deep and ultra deep well, separating fine solids phase particles as well as recycling barite and liquid phase;
2. Effectively control the content of solids phase in weighted drilling fluid, avoid accidents of differential pressure sticking and adhesive drill pipe sticking, reduce the sticking problems associated with the drill string and the thickness of adhesive column filter;
3. Reduce the cost of drilling;
4. Improve the environment of drilling field.
According to the statistic of 34 wells of American dilling projects, as these wells all adopted solids control system including new type mud cleaners, accidents of differential pressure sticking and adhesive drill pipe sticking never happened under the drilling fluid density of 1.14~2.23 g/cm³ and many of them are inclined shafts, their costs all below the budgets.

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