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The Application principles of Mud gas separator


Drilling fluid mud gas separator is the special equipment for degassing, belongs to normal pressures degassing category, it is the primary degassing equipment for disposing the drilling fluid which invaded by gas.


1 In general, the mud gas separator is installed in drilling fluid tank side, the ground is required level, strong, and preset anchor bolt hole.

2 Make the exhaust pipe line to the place which is 60~80m distant from the wellhead.

3 When connect the inlet and the throttle manifold, we should close the blowdown butterfly valve, open the outlet butterfly valve, the pipeline can be connected to the drilling fluid tank.

4 The drilling fluid in mud gas separator should be discharged fully if not using the equipment. Strictly prohibit the drilling fluid stay in the separator, otherwise it will not be able to normal use when drilling fluid become dry.

5 The inner diameter of drilling fluid exit pipeline should be not less than the inner diameter of inlet pipeline, drilling fluid will be directly discharged in inlet manifold of shale shaker or mud tanks.