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The ablation problem of hydrocyclone desander


Ablation of desander often occurs in the internal pipeline, in the necking down place, in the corner and in the place with a turbulent flow. The ablation of desander can cut the pipe fitting in a few minutes, causing the damage of the whole piping system, and this damage can not be repaired, this damage is not visible in the visual.

The velocity of fluid in the pipe is directly related to the flow of the fluid. In the short term exploration tests, for the permanent installation of the pipe, it is not allowed to exceed the recommended flow rate standard for 14E API.

In the exploration test that last for several hours , if there is no sand output of desander, velocity can exceed the standards of API 14e, if there is sand flow in case, we must comply with API’s limit speed. The speed is 80 ft /s (24m/s) in the gas pipeline and 15 ft / S (4.5m/s) in the oil pipeline.