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The advantages of the hydrocyclone


And other solids control equipment comparison, hydrocyclone has the following advantages:

Unit is compact, simple in structure, cheap, no moving parts

Large in capacity, large separation range

Adjustment and operation is simple, easy maintenance

Separation ability, in some cases, can obtain more fine overflow and higher separation efficiency. The separation efficiency is commonly 60%, and in some cases can be as high as 80% - 90%


Hydrocyclone faults


And other solids control equipment comparison, hydrocyclone has the following disadvantages

Power consumption big, some desander equipped with power for 55-75 KW

When to plasma viscosity, solid control concentration and particle size composition change, hydrocyclone separation size, separation effects are changed.

Sand pump working condition on hydrocyclone greatly influenced.

Can not carry out super fine separation, can't handle flocculating substance.

Wear fast, especially when particle size bigger, cuttings hardness and into the slurry concentration, the cylinder to pulp mouth, the lower half of the cone and desilting mouth place such as easy to wear. General hydrocyclone life are less than 2000 h.


Generally speaking, when the solid particle diameter greater than 10 um, and shape is spherical, cyclone efficiency highest, if the particle is flat, then movement often is random. If D50 separation point increase to 75 um, just 25% of the 100 um level particle was left on the overflow, only 25% of 55 um level the granules are discharge.