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The announcements of maintenance of mud cleaner


Before starting, confirm whether the power voltage is normal.
Check whether the fixed bolts have been tightened before the active motor starting.
Check whether the shaker screen has been tensioned and compacted before starting.
Check whether there is any foreign matter on the shale shaker.
When the cleaner is under operated, there should be no noise, the operation should be smooth and steady, if there is any noise, stop and check the equipment immediately.
The rotating state of the vibration motor has been adjusted before the equipment leaving factory, therefore, the motor can not be changed to connect other lines.
If the connection lines between vibration motor and the control switch has been changed because of maintenance or changing motor, the cleaner can not work effectively, take off the shield at the end of the vibration motor, connect the power and judge whether the rotation directions of the two vibration motors are opposite. If not, adjust to be opposite.
When change the vibration motor, adjust the eccentric blocks on the two vibration motors to be consistent.
Fix the bolts of vibration motor, have a check each 8 hours, if there is any loosen, tighten it on time.
When the vibration used for about 500 hours, inject some of Lithium grease(about 80g).
The control switch is explosion-proof, do not open it random. If need to turn it on, turn off the power first. When refit the equipment, do not be neglected loading or wrong installed, to guarantee the explosin-proof.
The fix device of shaker screen should be checked each 8 hour, if there is any phenomenon of loosen, tighten it on time.
When compact the shaker screen, the tension force of each bolt is 5KN.
When the cleaner is used for 1000 hours, some lubricating grease should be injected into the screen box.
If the springs damaged, change the springs on time. When changing the springs, the screen box should be raised, and put the springs on the spring bases, then put down the screen box.
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