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The application and advantages of LW series decanting centrifuge


Decanting centrifuge are used to process unweighted and weighted ,water-based and oil-based drilling fluids . Chemical ,food stuff , pharmacy , mineral benefication etc field .

Oilfield decanting centrifuge are able to apply over 3,000 G-force on the mud mixture ,which separates the heavier solids from the lighter solids .

DC mud cleaning supply complete line of high speed ,variable speed and fully variable-speed decanting centrifuge for handling drilling fluids . Our factory are Quality Management System ISO9000 certified . The variable frequency centrifuge can realize infinite speed variation in a large scope and its control cabinet can directly display the parameters ...

1. The decanting centrifuge consume low energy , work load are light .And productivity double than the original ,power does not increase , when work with centrifuge ,motor load no more than 80% of the rated power .

2. Decanter centrifuge work reliable ,long service life . The componemrs of the propellers -with thick plate ,exterior wear resisting layer to ensure centrifuge use long life .

3. The main bearing imported SKF brand .

4. Centrifuge vibration are low noise .By improving the rotational part machining accuracy and the dynamic balance accuracy of the vibration .


We had supply plenty of  decanting centrifuges to Brazil , USA , Dubai ,etc . We hope to expand all the good partners around the world .