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The basic requirements of shale shaker shift work


Ensure shale shaker operation is normal, checking valve which is around of shale shaker.

Listening bearing is whether damaged, motor is whether steady. Vibration should be kept steady. Ensure don’t have soft pipe, cable and other things are put on shaker screen.

Every shale shaker must be installed according the introduction of manufacturer, tightness of screen is whether reasonable.

Checking screen is whether damaged, when shift change should clean screen, sometimes needing flashlight to check the whole screen surface. The overflow of drilling fluid store tank smash into screen surface, some parts often appear broken hole, this is the most centralized place which is impacted by screen.

When need, it is must replace shaker screen at times.

Checking drilling cuttings which flow from the end of shale shaker, have no use for checking drilling fluid. If drilling cuttings are not picked, we should notice drilling fluid engineer.

Ensure drilling fluid uniform flow the whole shale shaker screen surface or uniform. It needs adjust flown line or drilling fluid tank and shale shaker self valve.

If particles bond form mud cake, the shale shake need by drawing.

Checking gas flow transducer in drilling fluid tank is placed right whether, but don’t move it. If need adjust, we should notice drilling fluid logging personnel.