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The choice of mud agitator in drilling fluid


Along with the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solids control system for drilling operation plays positive role is more and more big, all kinds of solid control system arises at the historic moment, regardless of the solid control system model how to change, its basic functions (namely maximization removal of drilling fluid solid and store enough drilling fluid) time invariant, it depend on mechanical removal equipment and drilling fluid storage tanks of auxiliary equipment such as organic combination to complete basic function.


The choice of auxiliary equipment

1. Mud agitator

Mud agitator function is to keep the drilling fluid performance is stable, so the agitator impeller discharge fluid must be in tank suspending solid phase up faster than down sedimentation rate, thus impeller diameter and speed given agitator work volume is certain. Agitator make its work volume within the drilling fluid circulating agitation one time is called cycle time. Cycle time is commonly 30-90 s.


In the solid control system, placed drilling fluid shale shaker and solid control unit of the drilling fluid tank need desilting, the cycle time take the maximum. And other drilling fluid storage tank and drilling pump on tank should take a minimum, to ensure that the drilling fluid performance stability. Usually take the cycle time for 60 s as setting agitator number of basis.

Agitator motor power is in drilling fluid density of 2.4 kg/L came to the. The application of motor power surplus , produce the damage probability is very low. Agitator shall set up in work volume level the center position, the impeller according to tank bottom size is a quarter to a third of the impeller diameter, between otherwise agitator the result is bad.