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The classification of mud gas separator


The mud gas separator is a speacial equipment to deal with the gas cut drilling fluid as the vacuum degasser. It belongs to ordinary pressure degassing equipments. It is the primary machine in the whole degassing system, the main difference compared with the degasser is to deal with the bubbles with diameter more than or equal to 3mm. The big bubbles mean most of the expansile gas filled in the space of the drilling well, the diameter of the bubbles is about 3-25mm.

1. Back cover type
The bottom of the degassing tank is sealed. The drilling fluid flows back to the circulation tank through a U pipeline. The height of drilling fluid in the degassing tank can be controlled by the increasing or decreasing of the U pipeline's height.

2. Open base type
The is no base on the degassing tank, the bottom part will be put into the drilling fluid. The level inside of the tank can be controlled by the depth of the degaasing tank in the drilling mud. This kind of separator always be called "poor child" overseas to show how easy it is. The most simple and reliable mud gas separator is the back cover type. The open base type takes the second place, because the level of the drilling fluid affected by the level inside of the circulation tank. The working pressure of the mud gas separator is equal to frictional drag when the gas piped out from the discharge tube. It requires a certain level of the drilling fluid inside of the separator, if the frictional drag is larger than static water pressure of drilling fluid column, it will cause short circuit, the gas cut drilling mud without separation will be piped into the circulation tank directly. The short circuit shows the shortage of separation capacity of the mud gas separator.