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The commonly used shale shaker

At present, the linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker are widely used in drilling industry. 

1 Linear motion shale shaker

The linear motion shale shaker has the advantages of exhaust sand smooth, large capacity, simple structure, convenient to maintain and low cost. The world famous brand DERRICK FLC 503/504 drying shakers belong to the linear motion shale shaker.

DERRICK FLC 503/504 drying shaker:

The Derrick FLC 503/504 drying shaker can be configured to be used as standard rig shakers and are easily transported. The standard skids includes lifting lugs at all four corners and fork truck guides. There are optional bolt-on underflow hoppers, in both standard and low profile heights. The standard feed trough can be changed to a conventional top or weir feeder. This allows one shaker to be used as either drying shaker or a rig shaker, making it one of the most versatile shakers on the market.

2 Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker

Compared with linear motion shale shaker, balanced elliptical motion shale shaker has the higher difficulty on principle and structure, with the development of technology, various new balanced elliptical motion shale shaker appeared. SWACO BEM-650 Shale Shakers belong to the balanced elliptical motion shale shaker.

SWACO BEM-650 Shale Shaker:
The third-generation BEM-650 balanced elliptical motion shale shaker from M-I SWACO delivers optimal solids removal, fluid recovery performance. The pacesetting BEM-650 is built around our field-proven and patented, balanced elliptical motion technology.
Compared with other shaker types, the gentle rolling motion of the BEM-650 was confirmed in independent testing to consistently deliver better solids removal. The BEM-650 also produces consistently higher fluid recovery rates with less screen wear. The BEM-650 is ideally suited to offshore applications where dry cuttings are required.