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The correctly installation method of drilling fluid sand pump


1. The installation key of the sand pump is decided to confirm sand pump installation height. The height is refering the the vertical dimension of water source water surface to sand pump impellers centre. The permiting suction vacuum height on the water pump product product specification or nameplate is refering the sand pump inlet water section vacuity degree, and under 1 standard atmospheric pressure, the water temperature is 20℃ to experiment and test. It didn't consider the flow condition after the suction water matched. But the water pump installation height should be the permiting suction vacuum heigh deduct the suction water pipeline loss head, remaining the parts numerical value, it will overcome the actual topography suction water height. The water pump installation height shouldn't exceed the calculated value. Otherwise the water pump will couldn't pumping water.

2. Affecting the calculated value is the resistance loss head of suction water pipeline, so should use the shortest pipeline layout, and can't install elbow and other accessories, also can consider matched the the bigger diameter water pipe to decrease the flow speed in the pipeline.

3. When the installation place height and temperature of sand pump is different with test condition, if the elevationis above 300m or the pumping water temperature is exceed 20℃, the calculated value should be revised. But when water temperature is lower than 20℃, the saturated vapor pressure can be ignored.

4. From pipeline installation technology, suction water pipeline has the strictly sealing, can't leakage water and gas, otherwise will damage the vacuum degree of inlet water to make sand pump water yied is decreased, when serious will couldn't pump out water. So we should do well the work of pipeline port and ensure pipeline connecting construction quality.