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The development of drilling fluid


The function of drilling fluid in drilling working and protection the air layer and the strict requirements in other aspects, it urges drilling fluid obtain rapidly develop. According the scientific research and development and the production practice, drilling fluid has already adapt all kinds of industry requirements. Such as the polymer drilling fluid is to improve drilling service low viscosity, low friction, low solid phase, anti card drilling fluid, collapse prevention drilling fluid, saturated salt water drilling fluid, protecting the oil and gas layer low density drilling fluid, preventing blockage the oil and gas passageway drilling fluid and the foam drilling fluid which is used to develop the low pressure oil and gas field.

Now the material of superior drilling fluid is not only one kind or two kinds material, to protect the performance of drilling fluid need to depend on all kinds of treating agents. Such as drilling fluid lubrication, high temperature stability agent, the preventing collapse treatment agent and preventing card treating agent. According the statistics in 1992, the treating agent system has already improved 10 categories and 202 types, it is a important branch of formation the oil field.

In order to remove the solid phase in drilling fluid, the solid phase particles treating system in drilling fluid has already obtain strengthen and improve. The solid phase in drilling fluid , such as drilling cuttings, barites, make the fluid performance of drilling fluid became bad, it damage the performance steady of drilling fluid and increase the friction of the circulation system, make the equipment early damage. The main method of removing the solid phase in drilling fluid is strengthening the Vibration frequency of shale shaker, increasing the mesh of the screen and the double screen, improving the degassing efficiency of the desander and deserter. Besides, increasing the separator to remove the fine particles in drilling fluid.