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The development of solids control system


At present, the solids control system is including the drilling pump, pipelines, mud tank, drilling fluid trough, shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, mud mixer, etc.


Solids control system is according to the principle of screening and centrifuge to process drilling fluid with different density and particle size. According to the need to trade-off, and get the drilling fluid with the best performance. The advantages of this method are good effect, low cost, thus it has already used widely.


Before the 1950s, mainly use shale shaker to eliminate the solid phase in drilling fluid. Because of the ability of shale shaker is limited, so until the mid of 1950s, hydrocyclones are used in drilling fluid solids control.


With the development of drilling technology, for the solids control requirement become more and more high in 1960s, as a result the desilter, centrifuge and other equipments be developed and used in solids control.


Because of different solids control equipments only for solid phase within the scope of the certain particle size playing maximum efficiency, so all kinds of solids control equipments should be combined one system reasonably. In 1970s, solids control system has already played an important role in the modern drilling.