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The dimensions and inner structure of drilling fluid tank


The reasonable size design of agitator is established based on the large fluid, so the tank size is very important. In most cases, except desilting tank, all the tanks need agitator. If before manufacturing the tank is installed agitator, it can’t obstruct shale shaker works and install, of course it also can use drilling fluid mud gun, they uses fluid motion power to agitate drilling fluid.


To any equipment, agitating and mixing device must be according reasonable designed and currently installed. Incorrectly parameters design and installation maybe let to the equipment performance is bad. When make drilling fluid tank, we must take consider how install the inner pipe line system. To any type tanks, installing the pipe line must consider the influence of pipe line system to flow situation in tank, the flow line is agitated should not be blocked by pipe line or structure support frame.


Baffle is a rectangle plank which is locked up in the wall of tank, the width is W=(1/10-1/12), the number is 4-6. The main purpose of install the plank in the tank is wanting to change the ring or radial flow state, make it produce the strong axial flow. After installing the baffle, because the resistance is increase make the power of agitator is greatly increase.


Some people thinks that to the rectangle drilling fluid circulating tank, inner tank has baffle is bad for clean the tank. In order to solve convection cycle, we can use hinge type turbine in upper, sublayer is flat vane type turbine combination structure, this time not install the baffle, it also can form strong convection, the solid phase is fully suspension and prevent dead angle deposition.