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The double deck desilter produced by DC Machinery


The double deck shaker is usually a dual-function unit which can be used both as shale shaker and mud cleaner, the bottom shaker is taken as shale shaker to separate big solids, the best shaker is acted as desilter flow shaker. The double deck shaker with desilter is widely applied for the HDD and well drilling field. 

Double deck shaker with 4,6 or 8 sets of de silter cone

Fluids will firstly be pumped onto the bottom shaker, the shaker screen is small API number to separate the lar123ge particle from the fluid. Secondly, DC high effective centrifuge pump will transfer the fluid to desilter cone for second step process. 

The top deck will handle the fluids from apex of de sander cone.. But the feeding type is very simple way in which can save the working space. Higher mesh shaker screen is applied on the shaker than de sander shaker. It is effective for the 250GMP and 350GPM capacity. 

DC double deck shaker delivers the flexibility required to optimize fluids capacity and fluids recovery. Also, it fits well within tightly constrained workspaces. For your jot site, DC double deck shaker is very smart plan. If you have interest with it, please contact us.