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The fluid of the internal drilling fluid centrifuge


All different parameters combination is compared. The movement states of different rows of teeth are obtained under given conditions. The analytical results provide a wealth of information for geometry and performance design of bits.


As the new drilling technology and technique develop, and the various Shale Shaker come into use, the centrifuge in solids control system makes a higher claim for the operation capability and range.


It’s difficult to im2 prove the traditional centrifuge because the limitation of technology and structural character itself; the authors of the paper analyze the restrained factor that the processing capacity of the drilling fluid centrifuge can’t be raised current2 home and abroad, and present the operation principle and characteristics of a certain new centrifuge.


It is recognized the technical innovation of improving centrifuge processing capacity is scattering feeding, feeding from the outlet and the frame shaped crew structure. In the meantime, the authors study the in2 ternal fluid field in the centrifuge, give out the mathematics model based on the NOS equation, redefine a boundary condition according to the work characteristics and get the calculating method for processing capacity.


It p roves the flexibility of the model through the contrasting data between the calculation and the in test.