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The fuction of solid control in Trenchless Industry


Trenchless pipeline crossing technology use the directional drilling, the trenchless ground can realize the crossing, it is not only adapt to petroleum nature gas pipeline, also can meet the requirements of city construction and electrification,communication optical cable.   

In horizontal directional drilling progress, according to the geology condition, horizontal directional drilling will occure these situations. 

1. Different degrees of fever phenomenon.
2. Pipeline is blocked. 
3. A mass of rock debris and waste water influence construction and cause the environmental pollution. 

According to these conditions, our company produce the solid control system( also called mud recover circulating system), accords to the rig, throughput to choose the shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge. The solid control system have the functions:

1. Cooling the drill bit to prevent it fever and variant. 
2. Leaking stoppage and firm the wall. 
3. It is good for environmental protection and save the cost. 

Believe in near future, the development of solid control system will better soon and will carry the best benefit for us.