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The history of drilling


Long times ago, people drill is to look for the water source instead of oil. In fact, when they found oil, they were very upset, because it pollute water. Firstly, drilling is to obtain fresh water and sea water, the fresh water is used to drink wash and irrigate and the sea water is used to produce salt. Until in the early nineteenth century, because the industrialization increase the requirements of the oil production, the mud oil gradually popularization.

The earliest recorded that the drilling backs to the third century of China. They use a technique is called cable tool drilling, the realize method is the big metal drilling rig dropped, then use a tubular container collect the fragments. In this technique, Chinese people was in the leader, China was recognized as the first using fluid in drilling process, the fluid is referring water. It can soften the rock, the drilling rid is easy to pierce the rock, as while, it contribute to eliminate the rock crags.

In 1833, there was a French engineer his name is Flauville, he observed the cable tool drilling at once. In working, the drilling equipment drill out the water. He realized that the water was flowed out is very effective. He imagined a kind of device, according the imagine, the water was transported in drilling holes alone the drilling string inner, after the water returned the ground, it carried the drilling cutting out. The operation continue to use up to now.