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The important drilling equipment Mud pump


Mud pump is a kind of broad pump, the different region, habit, related the different pump type. Our company is petroleum drilling region mud pump. In fact, slush pump and slurry pump also can be called mud pump.

Mud pump is machine of transport mud or water to drill holes. Mud pump is the important constituent part of drilling equipment. In common direct cycle drilling, it can transport ground surface – water, mud and polymer to drill bit bottom end which in a certain pressure through high pressure soft pipe, faucet and drilling pipe centre hole to reach the aim of cooling drilling bit, eliminate the cut rock debris and transport to ground surface.

The common mud pump is piston or plunger type, it cranks up by motor drive pump, and  do the reciprocating motion in the mud pump by bent axle through crosshead drive piston or plunger. In the alternately function of inhalation value and discharging valve realize the aim of transporting and circulating flushing fluid.