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The important part in drilling equipment -mud pump

Mud pump means the machine which transport the mud or water to drilling hole. It is the important part in drilling equipment. 

In the common positive cycle drilling, Mud pump can transport the pure-water, mud or polymer flushing fluid 

directly to the bottom of drill bit which through high pressure hoses, faucet and drill pipe center hole to cooling the drill bit and transport the cutted rock debris to the earth's surface. 

The common mud pump is the piston or plunger type, the bent axle of the pump operates drived by power machine, the bent axle drive the piston or plunger do the reciprocating motion in pumpcylinder. Under the action of alternating of inhalation and discharge valve realize the purpose of recycle washing. 

Features of the Mud pump 

1. It can transports the suspension mud fluid which have the high viscosity and obtain particles. 
2. It transport the fluid flow is stabilize, don't have the phenomenon of overcurrent, pulsation, agitating and shearing mud fluid.
3. Exhaust pressure have no relation with rotary speed, depend on speed change mechanism or adjustable-speed motor can realize flow regulation. 
4. The operatation is steady, vibration and noise with low small.