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The influence factors of sand pump



1.Flow increases, the pump power increases

Increase the input of the cyclone or more open the mud mixer, the flow will increase, the required power increase;

2.The impeller speed increases, the power increases

With the increase of the rotating speed, the head will increase; the head will increase and the flow rate will increase;

3.The diameter of the impeller increases and the power increases.

Increase the diameter of the impeller (replaceable impeller), flow and head will be improved, therefore, the power will increase. After the pump wear is equivalent to the pump impeller decreases, so the flow, head and power have declined.

4.Motor power increased when the air traffic control

When the motor is started, if the load is small, it may cause overload. At this time, should be closed when the discharge valve, and then slowly open the discharge valve.

5 .The density of drilling fluid increases and the power increases.