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The major factors of influence jet mud mixer performance


Following is the factors of affect jet mud mixer performance:


Mixed hopper hydraulic linear loss should be tried to reduce, otherwise the treating capacity may be decreased greatly.


The gap between nozzle and venturi tube must be suitable, when reach optimum efficiency, the gap is 32~90mm, usually don't more than 90 mm, otherwise the feed speed of barite will be significantly reduced.


The return pressure of outlet pipe needed moderate, overlarge return pressure will reduce the treating capacity of mixed hopper. For example, when the nozzle outlet diameter is 50mm, the gap between nozzle and venturi tube is 90mm, mixed hopper working pressure head is 21~23m, before return pressure value not reach 50% of inlet pressure, mixing chamber has the high vacuum, however when the return pressure value is near by 50% of inlet pressure, the vacuum is almost zero, drilling fluid begin to return flow in hopper.


The higher inlet pressure is, and the larger treating capacity of mixed hopper is.


The taller installation of mixed hopper is, the higher return pressure is, mixed capacity will be reduced. For example, if mounting height from 1.8 m to 3.66 m, treating capacity will fall by 17%.