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The model of JQB6535 Shear pump by our factory


Shear pumps developed by DC have perfect shear and hydration system,which can quickly cut and dilute hydrated polymer. Shear pump specifically for shear drilling fluid (mud) polymer or clay), in drilling fluid system in polymer or clay) should be ahead of the full shear, and then enter the drilling fluid system, improving the performance of drilling fluid in order to give full play to its role.


The model of the JBQ6535,the flow is 100 m³/h(440GPM), the lift is 35m, and the power is 45kw, the electric spescs is 380v/50HZ,or 460v/60HZ, and the ex standard is  Ex d ⅡBT4, the dimension is 1050*1000*1250mm,and the weight is 800kg.

The axial flow turbine is a fluid with a certain displacement and ability for the pump and the storage tank. The fluid flow through the pump wheel is discharged into the vortex shell, and the 50% is absorbed by the reservoir. The unique design of the pressurized tank, so that the fluid in the reservoir has a certain energy. Fluid flow through the pump wheel is parallel to the shear plate flow with a high flow rate. Fluid flow through the reservoir fluid, vertical to the shear plate, through 44 nozzles. The fluid mixed with the pump wheel is mixed with a high flow rate, the saw tooth, the high speed rotation of the shear plate, and the fluid shear. Therefore, the fluid flowing through the impeller, subjected to multiple shear.