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The operation and maintain of centrifugal pump


(1) The centrifugal pump should use the lower revolving speed for reducing the wear between pump impeller and pump case.
(2) In the same pipeline, it is not allowed to open two centrifugal pumps at the same time, and it is not allowed to make air or other gas into the inlet pipeline of centrifugal pump.
(3) The entrance of centrifugal pump should be installed with the filter by regulation, and clean frequently.
(4) It is not allowed to use the method of turn down the suction valve for adjusting the flow or pressure of the pump, otherwise, this will cause the cavitation damage of the pump.
(5) If you want to reduce the flow of one solid control equipment, don’t open the valve, in this way, it will waste electric power and make the motor overload, at this time can only close some swirlers.
(6) When the pipeline is no-load, the pump started, the valve of outlet pipe should be closed. Special attention should be paid, it is only has 1~2min for working at off state, otherwise, the liquid in the pump will be boiling soon. Then open the valve gradually, after the pump smooth running, the start work is over.
(7) Depend on the requirement of manufacturer specification, the bearing of pump should be injected with lubricating oil or grease. For example, the engine oil should be replaced 3~5 times each year.
(8) Don’t limit the flow of pump suction side. If the pump suction pipe don’t supply enough, it will lead to cavitation, and cause the damage of pump.
(9) When start the electric motor centrifugal pump, the valve of outlet pipe which installed between the pump and the equipments should be opened a little. Once the pump achieve the normal speed, open the valve completely and gradually. Do like this will reduce the start load of motor and the vibration of other equipments like pressure gage and swirler. The method of start alternately is the valve closed completely before the start, and opened gradually after start, this will prevent overheating and avoid destroying the tightness of the pump.
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