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The replacement method of shaker screen


The shale shaker screen is a corollary equipment of drilling solid control equipment, the woven screen structure of shale shaker screen is the ripple type wires, the two bending cards in the same position, guarantee the size of screen holes. It used in mine, coal mine, construct, glass manufacturer, oil, hardware industry.

The method of replacing the screens

a. Firstly screw is loosed, unsnatch the upper ledge, taking off the damaged screen, replacing the new screen.
b. The fine screen is tilted in the shale shaker mother screen, the upper ledge is reposited, using hand tension around, in the both ends, use two combination pliers to clamp the both ends. c. The extrude architrave of the shale shaker is obligated 2cm, other parts are sheared.
d. The clamp is put, the combination pliers are come loosed, the clamp screw is loosed.
e. Using the soft hammer to uniformity beat the around of clamp, then loose the copper nut lock, replacing the fine screen.

Economic benefit analysis

The save benefit of shaker screen, according the 14 mesh and the using life is 6 months to calculate, save the screen 14 mesh a rear, 10 mesh is 37.2 meter.

The indirect benefit

The labour strength, the maintenance man save the maintenance hours about 33 hours, decreasing the labour strength which because frequently replace the screen, it can let the maintenance man make times to processed other things.

Because the reasonable guarantee of the screen, make the products of inherent quality obtain the steady control, increasing the product quality credibility, preventing the quality dispute, clients can rest assured, oneself rest assured, the leadership can rest assured.