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The requirements to mud performance in HDD


In recently years, following our country oil and gas pipeline are large scale construction, pipeline is directional through obtain a great development, through length and through diameter all have a great progress. In directional through process the mud has the important role, it is directly influence the result of directional through.

The requirements to mud performance

Mud is a very important factor in directional through or solid control circulating system. Usually mud is made of water, bentonite and mud additive, the composition stoichiometry need be proper adjusted according the physical truth of through project. If the geology condition is bad, through diameter and length is bigger and the requirement to mud performance is big, we should take different measures to ensure through is successful.
The mud has the appropriate viscosity and mobility can carry large drilling cuttings, it makes drilling cuttings suspend in the bottom hole which can return to the ground by the flow of mud.
Mud has strong protection wall function can improve the stability of drilling hole wall especially to the big holes and easy to dilapidated stratum.
Mud should have greater lubricating property provide effective lubrication to pipeline.

Especially through long distance to add lubrication agent can decrease frictional factor and pull strength of pipeline.

The through pass different stratum and the different stages in through project, we should adjust the pressure and displacement of mud meet the requirement of through project.