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The shaft seal of drilling mud agitator


Drilling mud agitator reliable seal is an important thing. The oil leak caused by mud agitator seal, not only waste oil largely, but also pollute drilling fluid. Because of mixer shaft is the rotary motion, so its seal belong to dynamic seal.

The basic requirements to dynamic seal:
1 Seal should be reliable;
2 The structure of seal should be simple, easy to loading and unloading;
3 Seal service life should be long.

In the actual use, the most common dynamic seal have two kinds: packing seal and mechanical seal. Drilling mud agitator shaft belongs to low speed, low pressure, applicable is packing seal, the packing seal has the advantage of simple structure, easy to maintain and high reliability.

The following picture is the packing seal structure, it is composed of 1-bushing, 2-packing box, 3-O ring, 4-water leg, 5-packing ring, 6-gland, 7-holding down bolt, etc.