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The structure and material of hydrocyclone


The hydrocyclone is a vessel container with cylinder part, the cylinder part of upper cone is mud inlet room; the outboard install a tangential stock inlet; the underpart of cone is open mouth, the size of caliber is adjustable, use for discharging the solid particles. There is a down inserted overflow pipe on the top centre of close vertical cylinder, and extend to below the stock inlet tangent location. The structure is constituted by cylinder, subuliform tank, mud inlet pipe, overflow pipe, sand settling tube, etc.


Cylinder: The size of inner diameter means nominal size of hydrocyclone.

subuliform tank: play a part in centrifugal force separation, angle of cone is 15°~20°.

Mud inlet pipe: drilling fluid for separation enter into hydrocyclone by mud inlet pipe.

Overflow pipe: the processed drilling fluid flow into drilling fluid recycle system from overflow.

Sand setting pipe: the solid particles and a little liquid are discharged by sand setting pipe.


In general, the shell of hydrocyclone is made of cast iron. For improving the wear-resisting property, the inside uses the wear-resisting rubber. For improving the service life further, shells of some hydrocyclones use the polyurethane, both wear and corrosion resistance. About the large-sized hydrocyclone, the shell use the material of alufer, interior use the polyurethane, this not only ensure shell have enough strength, and reduced the weight. According to the practical situation in oilfield to install suitable numbers hydrocyclones for increasing thruput.