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The swirler of drilling fluid desander and desilter


Desilter and desander is the second and third purification equipment in solid control, its main parts are inlet line, bleeder line, a set of swirler, mud cleaner, basic, support and other parts

Work theory

Swire is made of upper shell, bottom shell and bottom mouth. Upper shell is cylindric and form into oral, there is a inlet mouth in lateral, there is a eddy current catheter in up center. Bottom shell is cone, taper angle is 15-20. Bottom is bottom flow, solid discharge from cone.


When have a certain flow speed and pressure drilling fluid through swirler inlet line along tangential direction enter into swirler and do high speed revolution, in the function of centrifugal force, the big and heavy particles in drilling fluid are left to the wall of swire. At last it is discharged from the lower bottom mouth; the small and light sand particles and drilling fluid form inside spin moving up, at last through the overflow of the swirler up is discharged.