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The treatment of drilling fluid pollution


In the drilling process, with the drill bit breaking rock constantly, the drilling fluid will be polluted, and lead to drilling fluid performance change bad, even can also lead to underground complicated accidents.


Stratum water seepage is in the drilling process, the formation water invade drilling fluid and return to the ground with the circulation. Because of the formation water mineralization degree is high, contains a lot of heavy metal ion and anion, these formation water which contain a variety of ion tend to destroy the stability of the original drilling fluid performance, even cause the collapse of the wall.


If the water seepage is little, the impact is not big to drilling fluid performance, we can leave out, if the water seepage is large, and influence drilling fluid performance seriously, we should increase the drilling fluid density, keep down water seepage.


Sometimes the drilling fluid will be polluted by calcium, gypsum, salt, strontium, barium and other harmful materials, or some harmful solid phase invaded, we should check the reason of pollution, choose suitable treatment method.