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The two shale shakers are finished for Pakistan


Shale shaker is the first class in drilling fluid circulating system. It is mainly eliminate the big solid from the drilling fluid. It not only can save cost but also can protect the environment. So it widely used in HDD, oil&gas drilling, piling and etc.industry. 

According to 20 days manufacturer DC Solid control successfully finished the two shales shakers for Pakistan clients. The two shale shakes are used in piling industry. 

The model of shale shaker is DCS630-3.Treating Capacity is 130 m3/h. Now we have inform the clients to check and accept the shale shakers. Meanwhile I have already sent the pictures to him, he said our shale shaker is very perfect and prepare order the mud cleaner,centrifuge and centrifugal pump, and he is very satisfied with our 

DC Solid control manufacturer is a professional company to produce shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump and other drilling fluid equipment. We have a excellent achivements based on the two years efforts.  Believe we will become the leaders in drilling fluid circulating system industry.