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The types and functions of solid control vacuum degasser


Vacuum degasser is used to eliminate the gas which is in drilling fluids the handing capacity should reach the full flow capacity. Vacuum degasser must be installed front of centrifugal pump to dispose drilling fluid, because when drilling fluid has gas, centrifugal pump will appear gas cavitation. Gas cavitation not only make the performance of centrifugal pump is decreased, produce noise and vibration, shorten life time but also make centrifugal pump can’t normal operation or damaged.

Functions of vacuum degasser

Ensure that the performance of drilling fluid is steady, to prevent blowout, well kick and other accidents and safe drilling.

Ensure that hydrocyclone can normal work. It is must installed vacuum degasser When drill deep well and gas well. 

The types of degasser

Vacuum degasser: working principle, it is using vacuum pump absorb drilling fluid, after through film flocculated flow separate gas, then the vacuum pump siphoned off. The effective of this model degasser is good, but the volume is bigger and heavy.

Ordinary pressure degasser: it is made of centrifugal pump and spray tank. The gas cavitation drilling fluid is transported to spray tank by centrifugal pump, it forms high speed film and be throw to the wall of the tank make gas fracture, separation and discharged. The volume is small and effective is good.

Centrifugal degasser: it is made of motor, air exhauster, deduction box and other parts. Using the separation theory of centrifuge separate out the gas, it is relatively new equipment.