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The typical part of drilling fluid shale shaker


Exciter is the direct power supply which forced shale shaker produces scheduled trajectory, the different types and installation models of exciter will directly influence the structure characteristics, working efficiency and service life of shale shaker.

Double motor self synchronous inertia exciter

The synchronous exciter through gear forced, because using lubrication brought the difficult of structure seal and the speed of gear line is high led to the high noise pollution in the process of working, in order to overcome this shortcomings, the double motor self synchronous inertia exciter is appear, the exciter developed is based on vibrate motor technical innovation which is put forward by force theory of mind. Vibrate motor is the vibration source combine with power source and vibrate source, the use ratio of vibrate motor is high, small energy consumption, low noise and long life.

The model essence of double self synchronous inertia exciter is according a certain position put two set vibrate motors install on the screen box, use double motor self synchronous drag principle, don’t have gear box, it can realize automatic follow and synchronous rotation in a short time, forming the linear vibration form and elliptical vibration form.

The shale shaker work depends on two vibrate motor self synchronous mechanics principle. The characteristics are:
Because it don’t has forced synchronous gear running, so the structure is very simple.
Because it don’t has gear running, so simplified the maintenance and lubrication.

The structure of double motor drive is simple, but the shortcoming of the self synchronous drive motor is power consumption is big.